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Presidio Bowling Center Grill: Reviews

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Presidio Bowling Center GrillPresidio Bowling Center GrillPresidio Bowling Center Grill
French Fries with Ketchup, Cheeseburger and Fries, Onion Rings with Ranch Dressing

BrettName: Brett
Occupation: Political Advocacy Writer
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: Presidio Bowling Center Grill
Reviewed Presidio Bowling Center Grill: Sunday, September 10, 2006

Upon walking into this tucked-away restaurant in the Presidio, you are immediately struck by the fact that it is not a restaurant at all; it is, instead, a bowling alley. That being true, realize it’s noisy because of the bowling. "But where’s the food?" you say. It’s there, over there, on your left -- you can’t miss it.


Now, what if you aren’t hungry enough to eat yet? Good question. Go bowl a game; use a heavy ball for a better workout. Now we’re ready to have some food, so go order it up at the counter, pay, and give your name (remember which name you gave if it isn’t yours, as you’ve pre-paid for the food).

The food is standard bowling alley fare, with a twist. Actually there is no twist, it’s cheeseburgers and onion rings and fries, and sodas and shakes, and AND Budweiser beers in bottles that are shaped just like bowling pins. These make a great souvenir (actually, after being awkwardly displayed in the garage for one week, I just recycled it.) The food is good, and you are here to bowl a game or two anyway, so enjoy it for what is.

The ultimate breakfast special awaits your next visit -- a truly epic assortment of all your favorites, if you get there in the morning, between, like, 8 and 11. For the price, it would cost more to prepare this breakfast at home, plus the sizzling bacon would require lots of cleaning time. Done eating? Overate, did you? Need to lay down a spell? That’s easy. Take a nap in the Presidio!

NicoleName: Nicole
Occupation: Textile Painter
Location: San Francisco
Favorite Restaurant: Sociale
Reviewed Presidio Bowling Center Grill: Saturday, September 2, 2006

I began this adventure by inviting my aunt, uncle, mom, stepfather, husband, and two sons to join in the review of the bowling alley diner. Our expectations were somewhat like yours would probably be, not gourmet food, but adequate considering it is a bowling alley. When we arrived, at 6:00 p.m, there was a note posted on the door, that there was a private party, beginning at 7:15. We didn’t think this would be a problem. We were not expecting this to be a long dining experience. Little did we know that at 7:15, we would be dining at a different restaurant, where the food was actually edible (I know harsh, but true). We ordered at the counter, mostly a variety of burgers and fries, the young man who took our order seemed indifferent to us. He did muster a smile when I gave him a twenty percent tip. Mind you, this is a restaurant where you pick up your own food and bus your own tables. He wasn’t unpleasant, just maybe bored. After ordering, I went back to the table to wait for our food. We moved two tables together to have enough seating for the eight of us. They did a nice job in decorating the small eating area. The tables were a highly polyurethane wood grain. The chairs were also wood with a fun cutout of a bowling pin in the back. Nicer than your average bowling alley decor.

When our food was ready, the cook placed it on the counter, however he did not call out to us to let us know. Eventually someone in our party noticed. My husband and I went up to collect the order. There were a few mistakes, like no grilled onions for my husband’s burger, and they forgot the bacon for my
stepfather’s burger. My husband stayed at the counter while they made the bacon, which was actually the best item on the menu. The bacon was thick cut and very tasty. I ate most of it because I gave my burger away to my hungry stepfather. This was not an act of extreme generosity on my part. I had had two bites of the very gristly burger and could stomach no more. The fries I ate were also consumed only to stave off hunger. The fries were thin and flavorless, though on the bright side, they were hot and not too greasy.

Oh, did I mention the music was harsh and loud? Now I know it’s a bowling alley, but pulleez! Just to add a little to the bowling alley aspect of this experience, they do have an extensive variety of beers, so I suppose if you drink enough of them, the food might seem just fine. I also must add I have been to several childrens' birthday parties here. The children and adults all seem to have a good time. I would certainly come back for a party or just for bowling.

I guess that is all I have to say, other than all eight of us agreed upon the experience, and all eight of us enjoyed our second dinner on Chestnut Street much more.

DavidName: David
Occupation: Former Mayor Pinole, CA
Location: Pinole
Favorite Restaurant: Pear Street Bistro
Reviewed Presidio Bowling Center Grill: Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who doesn’t love the Presidio? We found ourselves making one wrong turn after another trying to find this hidden gem, but when we got there, we found plenty of parking and lots of fried food. Sundays, fried food, cold beverages, and bowling -- how can this go wrong?

Portions were not too big, just like the lanes. If I owned the place I would have to tell everyone the place was quaint, or cozy, but on a Sunday it’s a great place to hang out with friends, drink, and hit the jukebox.

Service was as you would expect at a bowling alley, they called our number just as fast as they fried it up. Although it would have been nice to have a hot tuna melt where the cheese actually melted.

The one thing lost on me as a non-beer drinker was the countless types of beer offered. If you love beer, this place would have to be a regular spot. For me and my friend, however, we like a full bar!


If I found my self rained out in the city and fed up with shopping and the Metreon, I would head on back.

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