10 Best Looks from the Leslie Sbrocco Archives, To Celebrate 10 Seasons of 'Check, Please! Bay Area'

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It's hard to believe Check, Please! Bay Area will kick off its tenth season on KQED 9 on April 16, hosted — as ever — by beloved vino maven Leslie Sbrocco. So what better way to raise a glass (or three) to almost a decade of Check, Please! Bay Area than to join us on a trip through Leslie's style archives?

The "Good Morning America" (Season 1, 2006)Leslie Sbrocco Season 1

Yes, it's the first-ever episode of Check, Please! Bay Area! This is the shortest we'd ever see Leslie's hair — and the last time we'd see this brown padded jacket. Historical footnote: this also represents the last time Leslie was ever caught on camera without a necklace.

The "Rachel" (Season 2, 2007)

Leslie Sbrocco Season 2


It's 2007, and Leslie is all about the layers. From the hair to the blazer, high shine is a crucial factor for this glossy look.

The "Golden Girl" (Season 3, 2008)

Leslie Sbrocco Season 3

A subtle but powerful look for Season's 3's Joyce Goldstein special. Notice how the Check, Please! team have striven for consistency by matching Leslie's jacket, the cushion behind her and — to a lesser extent — the champagne to her hair color.

The "She Bangs" (Season 4, 2009)

S4 E4 2009

It's 2009, and Leslie's bangs are determined to take center stage. This was, alas, the last time she matched her jacket to the on-set fruit.

The "Beehive Babe" (Season 6, 2011)

S6 E11 2011

A rare half-up, half-down outing at Sbrocco HQ, beautifully reminiscent of the Swinging Sixties. If you'd like Leslie to wear her hair up more often, send your petition to the Check, Please! Facebook Page and we'll pass it to the producers.

The "Blowout 'N Beads" (Season 7, 2012)

S7 E2 2012

Frankly exceptional blow-dry work as we approach the Leslie look we know and love today. We haven't seen those beads on her in a while, though. If you'd like to see that changed, you know where to send your petition!

The "Marine Layer" (Season 8, 2013)

S8 E 10 2013 (2)

Inspired by the frequent seafood restaurants on Check, Please! and her pearl necklace, Leslie's hair embraces the wave, enhanced by a top that's the exact color of a Bay Area morning at the beach.

The "Animal Attraction" (Season 9, 2014)

S9 E8 2014 (2)

One of our very favorite looks from last season: animal print, red lips, gold accessories. Raise a glass!

The "Alice in Wonderland" (2014)

2014 Big Wine

In addition to her leather and leopardprint combo, Leslie's key accessory here is the gigantic glass of wine. Somehow, it still doesn't make her hair look small.

BONUS: The "Guten Tag" (2014)

2014 Guten Tag

Here we find an Oktoberfest Frau Leslie pairing an authentic German dirndl skirt with (rare) pigtails. Alles klar!

Cheers to you, Leslie!