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Your Corn Tortilla Sucks…Science Can Fix It

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You might think that corn tortilla from your favorite Mexican restaurant is as good as it gets, but chances are it’s made from a mass-produced corn powder. But fear not! A better corn tortilla exists and has existed for thousands of years. All you need is fresh corn and an ancient science that’s almost as old as civilization itself!

Thanks to Emmanuel Galvan, owner of Bolita Masa, for unlocking the magic of corn tortillas.

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About Beyond The Menu:
The story of the food on your plate is more than just the recipe. Each ingredient and every cooking technique goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, traversing the globe on a wildly delicious cross-cultural adventure. In KQED’s new digital food series Beyond The Menu, host Cecilia Phillips interviews chefs, authors, and other experts to dig up surprising facts on the cultural pathways of today’s trendiest dishes. It’s a history show, it’s a mystery series, it’s a celebration of multicultural cuisine, sometimes it’s even a science program, all set against the backdrop of mouth-watering food cinematography.


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