Leftover Easter Candy

While a sizable portion of America is atoning for sins in church today, or something like that, another faction of sizable Americans is considering what, exactly, to do with all that Easter candy. Here are a few suggestions -- revolving around two mainstays of the Easter basket, the Cadbury Creme Egg and the almost indestructible Peep.

Easter Turducken
A blogger adapts the rather excessive Thanksgiving concoction that involves stuffing a chicken into a duck into a turkey. He takes a miniature Cadbury creme egg, stuffs it into a marshmallow Peep, and then stuffs the resulting crime against nature into a hollow chocolate bunny (offering the rare chance to take a power tool to an innocent sugar-based creature):

Voila, the loathsome hollow bunny is transformed into several thousand calories, as God intended. Many children wonder around Easter how it is that bunnies lay eggs. As a side benefit, Easter turducken illustrates clearly that this "theory" is wrong. Obviously bunnies lay chickens, which then lay the eggs. Mystery solved.

Cadbury Egg Cake
It was bound to happen: you want to make an Easter cake, and you're out of eggs. But the Easter Bunny delivered a fresh batch of Cadbury cream eggs this morning! Perfect. This blogger has a little trouble extracting the egg from the shell, but Easter gods (or whatever) are on his side, and he prevails. (He notes: "Cadbury eggs are a little yolk-shy. I am learning that basically, you just need to forget everything you THINK know about eggs because man, you don't know anything. You know nothing about eggs. Eggs is like 'You don't know me! Don't even play like you know me!'") Delicious.

Peep Waldorf Salad
This one's a little old -- but timeless, really. Heed the warning to use the pink or yellow Peeps, because the "lavender ones make the salad grayish." This alarmingly practical bit of advice suggests that people have actually made/will actually make this salad.

Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs
In case you get a craving for these sugar bombs after the all-too-brief window of opportunity, or if you are just so DIY that you must craft your own (would it be possible for Locavores to make them?), you can.