A Bay Area Streetwear Legend Wants Everyone to Eat

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A collage of photographs: On the left, two Asian American men mug for the camera in sunglasses, baseball caps, and T-shirts that read "Everybody Eats"; on the top right are three chocolate-dipped ice cream tacos; on the bottom right, a hand holds up a burrito with the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop.
Now in its second year, Everybody Eats is the brainchild of Savs founder Mike Liwanag (left). The community-focused streetwear and food festival will feature popular street food vendors like Macs by Icky and Señor Sisig. (Photo of Mike Liwanag and Christian Martin by Jordan Jimenez; ice cream taco photo courtesy of Macs by Icky; burrito photo courtesy of Señor Sisig)

Over a decade ago, Mike Liwanag — the founder of the Savs clothing brand — began his career in streetwear by selling Manny Pacquiao shirts “out the trunk” without any permission or permits.

At the time, social media wasn’t much of an option. So instead of selling direct-to-customer online, he had to hustle outside of popular venues where Pacquiao’s fights were being broadcasted. The young Filipino American clothing maker blew up in 2008 after selling over 20,000 shirts in four fights. The hype even reached Pacquiao himself.

“I was working 80 to 90 hours a week with a full-time job, just selling in the streets, and [Pacquiao] found out and invited me to meet him,” Liwanag says. “I was nervous at first, but we chopped it up and he gave us his blessing. He’s a real one. He could’ve sued us. Instead I was able to stack my bread and quit my job.”

In 2012 he founded Savs, one of the region’s premier clothing brands that specializes in custom sports apparel, basketball shorts and Filipino American drip. You may have seen their retro baseball jerseys — with “Lumpia” scripted across the chest — at an A’s or Giants game.

Liwanag has since become a godfather of Bay Area streetwear. A veteran in the game, he’s helped launch other viral Filipino-owned brands — namely, Who Cares? and Collect and Select — and continues finding ways to give back to his community.


His latest idea? A food and clothing festival called Everybody Eats.

Co-organized by San Francisco event mogul Anthony Presents, as well as the aforementioned Who Cares? and Collect and Select — two independent brands run by a pair of brothers who got their start as Liwanag’s teenage employees — Everybody Eats is rooted in family-style celebration, flavorful culture and collective wealth. The annual festival cross-stitches homegrown Bay Area platforms together through music, special-edition apparel, social advocacy and, of course, food. From heavyweights like World Famous Hot Boys and Señor Sisig — whose owners Liwanag has been close with since his early days — to up-and-comers like Busog (Tagalog for “full”), Vatos Tacos and Macs By Icky, the event will offer plenty of ways to eat, literally.

A man pulls the brim of a green baseball cap down over his eyes. The cap's logo reads, "Everybody Eats."
A limited-edition snapback from 2022’s inaugural Everybody Eats festival. The cap was a collaboration between Who Cares? and Savs. (Courtesy of Hometeam.Films)

In addition, local clothing brands including Bass Resources (owned by East Bay rapper P-Lo), Dirty Pesos, Breed, Beyond Deadstock, Adapt and JSquared’s Maraud will be in attendance.

“It’s tied closely to how we live, how we work, how we interact,” says Liwanag. “The saying ‘everybody eats’ was made popular in [the 2002 film] Paid In Full, and it just represents doing what you gotta do and giving back. The pie is big enough for everyone to get a slice.”

The event initially started in 2022 as a 10-year-anniversary celebration for Savs, but has since expanded into a yearly showcase for brands that Liwanag is a fan of. Speaking with him is like taking a seminar on purpose-driven entrepreneurialism. Inspired by artists like Vallejo’s LaRussell — who often centers his business model on free or give-what-you-can experiences — it’s clear that Liwanag is dedicated to uplifting the Bay Area’s creative community by serving others.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about the freedom and ability to help others realize their dreams,” says Liwanag. “We’re making [Everybody Eats] a free community event where people can feel good and fund charities. That’s more gratifying than a paycheck for me at this point.”

Everybody Eats will feature over 30 foodmakers and clothing brands in addition to music and guest speakers. It will take place on Sat., Oct. 7 from noon to 5 p.m. at The Crossing (200 Folsom St., San Francisco).