The Human Body Can’t Be Stopped

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Carina Ho (Onikho) (Pendarvis Harshaw)

Carina Ho is a musician, choreographer and dancer, who creates art from her wheelchair and shares it with the world. She was involved in a car accident five years ago, in which she lost her mother,  and was paralyzed from the chest down. Since then, Carina has leaned on her artistic roots to tell her story, as well as the story of others.

Originally from New York, Carina was trained as a classic pianist and ballet dancer. Now, after refining her talents by spending time with the Axis Dance company, Carina has taken the name ONIKHO. Late last year she produced her first short musical film, We Sleep No More, which solely features people in wheelchairs performing a dance she choreographed; and just last week she released a new song called “At Least.”

This week on Rightnowish, we talk to Carina about the music she’s making as ONIKHO and the importance of bringing recognition to the creative work produced by local artists living with disabilities.


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