Repping Oakland With Tattoos, Sewing and Community Service

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Daniel and Yazmin (Pendarvis Harshaw)

It's not about being superheroes or even a "power couple." No, Yasmin Arreola and Daniel Silva are all about being good neighbors in their community. They seem to have figured out a way to do good while doing well.

For starters, they're both entrepreneurs who represent Oakland. Yasmin runs a fashion brand, Town Girl, which she promotes on her Instagram. And Daniel celebrates being raised in Oakland with Mexican roots through his brand, BestOneProductions, where he produces music, videos and clothing.

And they're both educators in their communities. Yasmin teaches sewing at a local high school and Daniel teaches classes for young people who've recently immigrated to America.

They also help the community on the street level. In fact, last year Yasmin led a team of folks in cleaning up the streets of East Oakland after a night of partying left them trashed. As you can tell by the Instagram post, her action caught the eyes of many folks, including myself.

Ever since I've been following Yasmin and Daniel's work. I've seen them sell clothing in front of their house, give out tacos, pass out hygiene kits to those living without houses and I've seen them with each other, just chilling being normal people who obviously love each other and their community.


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