Ron Nagle's Exquisite Sculptures Drift into BAMPFA

The question here isn’t how many of Ron Nagle’s exquisitely crafted, small-scale sculptures can fit within BAMPFA’s galleries (so many!) for Handsome Drifter, but how many Nagle sculptures one human brain can handle. Each of his pieces—a combination, in recent years, of ceramics and other materials—exists as a perfectly considered balance of glossy and textured, organic and rigid, sensuous and silly. Parts of Nagle’s sculptures “look like” a number of things, but nothing so much as alien objects shaped by a wonderfully strange and pun-obsessed mind (please see his titles). Plan your visit wisely, you may need time to recover from an overload of aesthetic pleasure afterwards. –Sarah Hotchkiss

January 15, 2020

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
2155 Center St., San Francisco

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