A New Twitter Account, Bill Hader Dancin', Is About to Make Your Week Better

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This article is more than 3 years old.
Bill Hader in the original "Alan" skit for 'Saturday Night Live'. (NBC)

It's a skit that didn't even make it into a Saturday Night Live broadcast. In "Alan," Bill Hader starred as "the future of casual entertainment": a robot that dances in a goofy, dad-friendly way that never quite progresses past the point of pedestrian. The very funny bit was cut for time in 2015, but thankfully found its way online after the episode aired.

Now, a new Twitter account is taking the Alan to new and seemingly boundless heights thanks to the discovery that Hader's dancing in the skit goes with, well, absolutely everything. And somehow, the more videos @billhaderdancin posts, the funnier this gets. Observe.

The Alan works with classic rock:


He works with contemporary pop:

And he even works with indie rock tunes:

An 18-year-old Florida woman named Sam, a big fan of Hader and Keanu Reeves, discovered the versatility of the Alan dance and launched the account on September 17. Its videos have already garnered well over a million views. No wonder—thanks to Hader's inability to do anything badly, this is destined to be a gift that keeps on giving.