Garage Rock Band the Coathangers Have Plenty to Be Pissed Off About

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The Coathangers in a rare moment of rest (Photo: Courtesy of the Coathangers)

We're so glad the Coathangers are back in town. This Atlanta-based garage rock band led by guitarist Julia Kugel -- with Meredith Franco on bass and Stephanie Luke on drums -- likes to write songs about stuff that pisses them off. These days, women have plenty to be pissed about, and the Coathangers make terrifically rocking music about it all.

My co-host Jamedra Brown Fleischman notes that the band formed as a joke back in 2006, but since then they’ve developed quite a following. Their name is a reference to the use of coat hangers in the horrifying history self-induced abortions. The band chose the name because they liked the shock value, so if makes you uncomfortable, you'll just have to deal with it.

Details for their shows at The Independent in San Francisco Feb. 19, and at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz Feb. 26 are here.