Who is KQED, and what do we do?Who is KQED, and what do we do?

KQED is for everyone who wants to be more. Our television, radio, digital media and educational services change lives for the better and help individuals and communities achieve their full potential.

This is the start of KQED’s mission statement. You can read our full mission statement, which is our driving force. KQED is a public media organization, but we are not run by a governmental body, like your public library is. We are an independent, locally owned and operated community licensee, which means that our license is owned by the community (learn more about the different types of licensees at srg.org).

We work out of our studios in San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles and Sacramento, to serve the nine-county Bay Area and Monterey area. Some of what you see, hear and read on KQED (such as Check, Please! Bay Area, KQED Newsroom, Forum and MindShift) is produced by us and some of it (for example, Victoria, All Things Considered, Fresh Air and Marketplace) is acquired from NPR, PBS, other public media organizations and program producers. We also produce free resources for educators who want to strengthen their media literacy skills and bring fact-based journalism into the classroom. And we bring programs directly to communities for screenings and often facilitate conversations among them.

Everything we choose to air on television and radio, publish online, and embed in our educational services — whether we’ve produced it or acquired it — is intended to reflect and serve our diverse and engaged audiences while maintaining a strong commitment to our core values: integrity, independence, inclusion, innovation, lifelong learning and public service.

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