A Sentence Apart

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A Sentence Apart by Jason Sussberg and Theo Rigby.

The U.S.A. imprisons more people per capita than any country in the world. Behind the 2.4 million prisoners lies an infinite ripple effect of incarceration on the family and community. A Sentence Apart weaves three intimate stories exploring how families cope and live with a loved one in prison.

Tenea is a high school senior with a father in prison and is passionately fighting to avoid the generational curse of incarceration. Linda Williams makes a 20-hour bus trip to visit her daughter Natasha, who is serving a 68-year sentence in prison. Soon after Cheyenne's dad gets out of jail, she confronts her father about the financial and emotional toll that his incarceration has taken on her. These intimate and moving stories, told with striking images, start to scratch the surface of the complex toll incarceration takes on the world outside of the prison walls.