Retirement Plans and Other Beneficiary DesignationsRetirement Plans and Other Beneficiary Designations


Simple Estate Gifts to KQED

"I would like to leave something to KQED from my estate plan, but my living trust is only a few years old and I'd rather not have to change it and pay additional legal fees."

We hear comments like this from time to time. But there are many ways to leave a legacy to KQED simply by filling out a form to make beneficiary designations outside your will or trust.

An additional benefit of retirement plan assets is that they are one of the most tax-advantaged charitable gifts. This is so because if left to individuals (other than a spouse), such assets will subject your heirs to income taxes. It is more tax-advantaged to leave other types of assets to your heirs and gift the more heavily-taxed retirement plan assets to KQED.

Almost any financial arrangement that allows you to name a beneficiary can be repurposed to benefit KQED with all or part of its remaining value. You'll need at least our legal name: "KQED Inc.," and also our Taxpayer ID No., 94-1241309 and address 2601 Mariposa St., San Francisco, CA 94110.

Here are some popular ways to designate us as a beneficiary of your estate:

Please keep in mind that good estate planning requires coordinating the provisions of your will and/or living trust with all the beneficiary designations you've made on IRAs, life insurance policies, and other financial accounts.

Please let us know of any beneficiary designation you make on our behalf. Although we understand that your gift is revocable, we want to be sure that your intentions are fulfilled.

Additional Tips on Beneficiary Designations

A Word About Beneficiary Forms - Further considerations once you are ready to complete your forms

To reach the KQED Gift Planning Department, complete a request for information form or contact us.