About KQED's Former Legal NameAbout KQED's Former Legal Name

In October 2006, KQED and the KTEH Foundation merged, and in order to serve both organizations equally, the new entity became Northern California Public Broadcasting (NCPB).  However, this legal name was not widely used. Research and dialogue with the NCPB audience revealed that the KQED name was widely recognized and highly respected by both audiences. As most administrative and fundraising services had already consolidated, it became clear that the name KQED could better encompass the multiple services and broadcast opportunities the organization provides. Therefore, in December 2010, the Board of Directors approved a resolution to rename the entire organization as KQED Inc.

For those who have used the name "Northern California Public Broadcasting Inc. (NCPB)" in their will or trust or other gift instruments which will later take effect...

There is no cause for concern. A gift already designated to Northern California Public Broadcasting will still be valid. This change back to "KQED Inc." is only a formal change to our legal name, and our organization remains the same.

You can make the change when convenient by changing the beneficiary identifier to our new corporate name, "KQED Inc."

Wills and Trusts: This can easily be done when you make your next periodic review of your plans with your attorney.

Retirement Plans and Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations: Simply ask your plan administrator or insurance company for the form to make the change.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.