Give to KQED by listening on the TuneIn appGive to KQED by listening on the TuneIn app

Sign up for TuneIn Premium, and TuneIn will
donate for every hour you listen to KQED on TuneIn

We’ve partnered with audio streaming service TuneIn to offer you an easy way to give back to KQED just by listening to your favorite KQED programs. Stream the broadcast of 88.5 FM live or listen to podcasts like Forum or Bay Curious with a TuneIn Premium account, and TuneIn will contribute to KQED.


TuneIn Premium comes as a perk with many electric car purchases, and is a great alternative to a radio if your car doesn’t come with one. It’s also a free app that you can use on any of your mobile devices, but a Premium subscription offers a host of added features and content.

If you don’t already have a TuneIn Premium account and would like to support KQED by listening through TuneIn, here’s how you can do so: 

  1. Sign up for a TuneIn Premium account at
  2. Once redirected to the TuneIn homepage you will be asked to make an account with the option to sign up via your Google, Facebook, Apple, or email account.
  3. On the next page you will be asked to enter your payment information for a Premium account. This will give you access to not only all KQED live radio shows and podcasts, but to those of TuneIn’s many national and regional radio partners, as well as audiobooks, music and more. 
  4. Listen to any KQED program through your TuneIn Premium account from any device. 

If you’re already a TuneIn Premium member, you’re already helping to give back to KQED each time you listen to our broadcast!


When you stream our programs through TuneIn, you’re supporting award-winning journalism that bolsters our democracy and educational programs that encourage media literacy. Every bit donated to KQED helps. If you have any questions about KQED’S partnership with TuneIn or donating to KQED please contact member services.


How much will TuneIn contribute to KQED?

TuneIn will give $.05 per listening hour. It may seem like a small amount, but it adds up!

What are the other benefits of TuneIn Premium?

You can learn more about TuneIn’s Premium subscription on TuneIn’s website.


What if I listen to KQED through TuneIn but don’t have a Premium account?

KQED won’t receive any additional funds for your listening hours, but thank you for listening! We’re happy to have you listen through any channel that works for you.

What’s the best way to listen to KQED Public Radio?

Whatever way works best for you! Whether it’s through a radio, the KQED app, streaming online, listening to a podcast or using a service like TuneIn, we hope you’re enjoying KQED.


How do I know if I’m already a TuneIn Premium member?

For questions about your TuneIn membership you can reach out to the folks at TuneIn here.