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Donating to KQED in your free time!

There’s a new way to donate to KQED . . .for free!

We’re now partnering with Collective Cause, a fundraising platform that donates to KQED in exchange for survey responses. Yup, all you have to do is take quick and easy surveys, and Collective Cause will handle the donations! The more surveys you take, the more support you give.

Try it out now!

You can access the link above on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Select how long of a survey you’d like to take and submit your response to support our work.


Why am I being taken to a new website when taking a survey?

Collective Cause and its partners host the surveys, so you’ll be redirected to their site.

Will KQED know I completed a survey?

KQED will only receive identifying information about you if you opt into having your name shown on the “leader board.” Otherwise, entries are anonymous by default.

Will I get credit for these donations?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to credit individual supporters for the surveys they’ve taken since Collective Cause shares payments monthly.

Why did I get redirected to another survey?

Depending on the information you provide at the start of a survey, you may be directed to someone better suited to you. If this happens, you’ll be given a survey with the same time commitment as the first you selected.

Why do I keep getting redirected from one survey to another?

Surveys looking for a wide breadth of participants tend to have a certain number of surveys available per demographic category (age, zip code, income, sex, etc.). If you keep getting redirected, it may mean that Collective Cause has other demographic needs for your selected surveys. We recommend checking back on the site in a couple of days if the issue persists; new surveys will be available.

Why am I not being given surveys I qualify for?

As part of our agreement with Collective Cause, your personal information is discarded after every survey (it won’t be transferred from one survey to another).

Is my data being collected & sold?

No, your personal information is not being sold. To be more precise, your P.I.I. is not being collected or sold. Still, the information you provide in the form of screener questions and survey answers is being passed along to the survey client without the information required to identify you in any way.

Need further support?

To contact us about taking surveys, please email us at with the subject line “Taking Surveys.”