Donor Story Transcript: CarolynDonor Story Transcript: Carolyn

Carolyn, KQED Legacy Society Member

Carolyn: [00:00:00] Hi. My name is Carolyn and I've lived in Point Richmond for seven years. I have great friends and I've been a member of public television for over 40 years. Every time I watch KQED, I feel like I'm learning something, whether it's Masterpiece Theater, the NewsHour, whether it's science programs, I always know that it's television worth watching. I don't have a lot to give, but in thinking about who I wanted to give it to, it was KQED because it has enriched my life. I want to give my bequest because I want to provide the future for KQED so that they can continue the excellent programs that have made my life more meaningful. And I want that for other people, too.

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