Nine Fabulous Websites About the Apollo 11 Landing

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Newspapers published the day after the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon are displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Saturn V Center in 2009, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The opening of the complex's Apollo Treasures Gallery commemorated the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the first manned space mission to the moon.  (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Are you growing weary of Apollo 11 anniversary posts yet? Wait! Here are nine websites you really want to check out because they're -- we mean it -- astronomically good.

  • Apollo 11 in Realtime - Using entirely historical footage timed to the Ground Elapsed Time (clock begins one second before liftoff), this site plays the moon landing as it happened 50 years ago.
  • Apollo 11 Press Kits -  Downloadable and full of beautiful photographs and information that wasn’t in NASA news releases.
  • Apollo Transcripts - Detailed transcripts of recorded conversations aboard Apollo 11 and between the Apollo 11 crew and Houston Mission Control. For the true space nerd.
  • Kerbal Space Program How-To - A detailed tutorial on how to recreate Apollo 11 in the popular flight simulation game, Kerbal Space Program. Instructions include notes on how to build the ship, get into orbit, and nail the landing.
  • Apollo Reporting Montage - To see how the moon landing was reported on live TV, here’s a playlist of CBS’ coverage of the Apollo 11 mission from 50 years ago.
  • VR-ish Tour of Apollo 11 -  Discover the Smithsonian’s 3D model of the Apollo 11 Command Module.
  • Stouffer's Astronaut Menus - Short ribs, potatoes au gratin and green salads -- Stouffer's prepared the astronauts' meals during Apollo 11, as this fascinating (and food-stained) document attests.
  • Original Astronaut Space Pen - Marvel at (and purchase, if you wish) the Fisher space pen model that astronauts carried with them to the moon. Hermetically sealed! Pressurized with nitrogen gas!
  • Apollo 11 Revisited - NASA's official narrative of the Apollo 11 mission, including exclusive video, audio, and content for kids.