QUEST Earthquake Resources

Another 7.4 aftershock has occurred in Japan following the 9.0 earthquake that the country a month earlier.

If you'd like to learn more about these geologic events, QUEST has produced many stories about earthquakes over the years, from videos about the Bay Bridge receiving an earthquake makeover and an in-depth look at The Hayward Fault.

There's also radio stories that have covered earthquake prediction, along with building infrastructure lessons learned from the earthquake in Chile last year.

Our bloggers have written about earthquake preparedness, what went wrong with the buildings after the Haitian earthquake, faults in the Bay Area, even earthquake warnings that can be found in tiny fossils.


There's also an earthquake educator guide for teachers and a science hike of the San Andreas Fault in the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

Check out the QUEST story, "Breaking New Ground" and search for more related content.

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