Some Things I Hate About the 10 Things I Hate About You Remake

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Have you heard that Hollywood wants to obliterate your adolescent dreams by recreating 10 Things I Hate about You, starring Evan Rachel Wood of all people? As if that's not bad enough, the plot line is cringe-worthy: a girl and a boy meet each other during suicide attempts and fall in love! Seriously. It's enough to make you want to set yourself on fire.


Or get hammered and knock yourself out to West Coast '90s rap at the closest house party.


Or at least listen to feminist punk rock while cursing in your ride.



Maybe the answer is to stop being overwhelmed by all the underwhelming remakes of your favorite movies and TV shows and move to Europe where you'll lead a happy whelmed existence.


These seem to be our only options until Hollywood producers realize that they don't have to regurgitate classics just because all their colleagues are doing it.


Some things are simply perfect and can't be recreated or built upon, like the legendary scene below. The sooner Hollywood realizes this, the better. Until then, let's revel in this flawless chapter in cinema history. Take it away, Julia.