A Doe (a Deer, a Female Deer) Discovers Horrors of Bay Bridge Commute

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When I think of the Oakland Bay Bridge, I think of the following:

  • 24/7 traffic
  • Claustrophobia-induced panic
  • Undiagnosed, but very real anxiety disorders
  • The fashionably-late earthquake that's plotting to kill us all
  • That time Mega Shark took a bite out of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • How hitting water after jumping from a bridge is like smacking into concrete, and water often shoots up the jumper's butt and explodes all their organs

When I think of the Oakland Bay Bridge, I do not think of the following:

  • Deer

But now I will, after this cutie decided she was going places this morning. Maybe she was running late to Saturday's anti-Nazi demonstrations (a watch doesn't really go with her birthday suit), or maybe she really wanted to snap a selfie in the ball pit at the Color Factory for her Instagram? No one knows for sure, but California Highway Patrol has jokes:

How endeering! Who isn't fawned of deer puns? Doe'nt hate me.