Take a Break from Trump and Watch These Cute Animal Videos Instead

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This article is more than 5 years old.
Cute overload > News overload. (Image: Emmanuel Hapsis)

Remember what it was like to wake up and not have your entire day ruined by whatever news slipped out of the HellMouth and onto your phone while you were sleeping? Yeah, me neither.

The rest of my day usually goes one of two ways.

1. Read every single article about all the new horrible things that are happening. Update Burn Book. Read even more upsetting articles. Rant via every medium -- text, landline, tweet, face-to-face. Google Ruth Bader Ginsburg to make sure she's still doing okay and keeping up with her pushup exercise regimen. Think about Sasha Obama and smile. Go back to being mad about everything. Repeat.

2. Add to your life by avoiding the news. Hydrate. Listen to music from your childhood as a way to remind yourself of a time before you realized everyone is craven and evil. Find cute animal videos and watch them all more than twice.


Today, I'm walking through Door #2. I present the cute animal videos du jour.

How do you prepare panda cubs for a life without the help of humans? Dress up in a panda costume and play with them!

Still feeling bad? Check out this elephant picking up trash just to be nice.

Cultivate calmness by watching this zen cutie heed Michelle Obama's words to go high when they go low.

We should all try to be more like this puppy petting a kitten.

Remember to make time for your friends, a.k.a. the baby goats to your baby rhino.

Next time something confounding happens in the world, think of this head-tilting pup.

It's easy to forget to practice self-care during turbulent and stressful times. Make a to-do list that only involves three things: stretching, resting, and cuddling. If it's good enough for these little kitties, it's good enough for you.

I feel so much better. Don't you?