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Adele Enersen's Dreamy Yet Disturbing Baby Art

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Images via Adele Enersen

The internet has gifted us with another beaut! For those of you out there that have ever said to yourselves, "I love Anne Geddes' anthropomorphized dog photos: why isn't there something equivocal with infants?" this is the post for you!

Behold author, illustrator, blogger, photographer and mommy Adele Enersen's new book: "When My Baby Dreams." Yes, that's Enersen's baby Mila featured in a number of cloth tableaux looking very much like a character on a living felt board.

"I started making the pictures in June, 2010, when Mila was just 2 weeks old." Enersen explains on her website of the genesis of her series. "I think all new parents go crazy with baby photos of their first child—maybe we were just a little bit crazier!" Perhaps, but who are we to judge? "I often found myself staring at my sleeping baby instead of sleeping myself. We wanted to capture our memories in photos but we realized that we just had a lot of pictures of Mila sleeping. One night, she fell asleep on a blanket on the floor in a funny position, with her arm stretched out, and she looked like a little fencer. My husband, Lasse, and I were laughing that she was probably dreaming about exactly that, so Lasse, who’s a film composer, placed his conductor’s baton in her hand and we took the very first 'daydream' picture."


Can't. Look. Away.


I thought it was important to run these photos by some parents of small children for their thoughts on the series. Do they think the shots are exploitive? Beautiful? Creepy? The overall reaction can be summed up by one friend who is the proud and exhausted father of a two-year-old.


Also, this:

"I think she gave that baby cough medicine: there's no way I could have ever got Sammy into any of those costumes unscathed and then posed him so meticulously without him waking up. Either that is the most relaxed baby in the world or she gave Mila a drop of brandy in her bottle."

Enersen is clearly a mother with some time on her hands. Say what you will but at least they're not foodiegrams.

For more images from "When My Baby Dreams" or to order the book please visit Eneresen's website: www.adeleenersen.com. Below are some more of our favorites:


Oh no, baby snail! I may be an invasive pest in the minds of gardeners and an appetizer to the French but to mom I'm just an adorable prop.


Once upon a mattress. Or several, in this case.


Look at me! I'm Michelle Kwan! Or Johnny Weir! Boycott the antigay Russian Olympics!


I thought you were going to take care of the check? I'm just a baby!


Ah! How did I get all the way up here, isn't there any parental supervision in my house? You think someone would have noticed I was gone long enough to travel to the moon! I feel like Sandra Bullock in "Gravity" which I am not yet old enough to see!


When I said I was wet I meant you should change me, not hang me out to dry.

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