Drinking Man's Martha: Halloween Crafts Plus Halloween Cocktails

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I love Halloween. One of the things I enjoy the most about any holiday is the seasonal crafting opportunities it provides. Hand in hand with the crafting comes the seasonal cocktail opportunities.


On today's blog we're going to craft this festive Halloween skull decoration, suitable for hanging on your door or in a window. Isn't it fun?

For this craft you will need the following.


Construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter:


While making our festive Halloween skull decoration we'll also take the time to unwind and enjoy one of my favorite Halloween cocktails: the "Tricky Treat." We call this cocktail the Tricky Treat because it's delicious like any treat, but if you're not careful it can trick you. To make the Tricky Treat you'll need the following:

Vodka, Cointreau, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, and those twin Halloween favorites candy corn and gummy worms:


Mix one jigger (1.5 fluid ounce) vodka, ice and half a jigger each of Cointreau and Luxardo in a shaker. Shake well and serve up with candy corn in the bottom of the glass and garnished with gummy worms. How spooky!


Now, we're ready for our first step: drawing the lines that will be our skull. But before we even pick up the pencil or scissors let's try our Tricky Treat. Cheers!

That's delicious. Let's have another sip.

One more sip won't hurt us. May as well finish.

First and foremost let's cut out the shape of our skull. No, sorry, first you have to draw the shape of your skull. Not your own personal skull, that would be weird, you know, draw a skull. If you don't know what a skull looks like go buy an Alexander McQueen scarf and take a look. Or watch an old episode of He-Man. It would look sort of like this.


You know what's good? The way the candy at the bottom of the glass soaks up all the booze! Get it BOOze. Like a ghost! Whatever, I laughed. It's Hallloween.

Let's make another one, but only half this time.

Half a jigger vodka and half of a half a jigger of the liqueurs. What's half of a half, an eighth? No an eighth is something else. Whatever, just pour less. Shake, serve up, etc.

Next draw a spooky mouth and spooky eyes in your skull.


"One day all Eternia will be mine!"

Hey, where did that drink come from?

That's delicious.

Now cut out the spooky eyes and mouth.


You know what would make Halloween crafting more fun? A Halloween costume! I wonder what's laying around.


Ghost selfie!

What were we doing again? I think I'll make another Treat Trixie. I mean a Tasty Trick. Tricky Taste. Haha, you know guys!

I'm just mixing it in the glass now.

Wait, weren't we doing something? Oh my God, this is the best part you guys! Glitter! First though, I need to take a little...

The next day:


Step one, gluten free toast to soak up the Tricky Treat so you can finish making the festive Halloween skull. Take piece of bread out of package. Insert into toaster, push lever down. When bread pops up it is a toast.





This concludes our first "Drinking Man's Martha." Happy Halloween!