How to Travel the World While Broke

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We share summer travel tips, recent findings on tequila's effect on your body, and the story of a Brazilian conman who tricked an entire country into believing he was a famous soccer player (despite not being good at soccer).


You don't have to be rich to gallivant across the globe. We have some tips for how you can pull it off.


We share the story of a Brazilian man called Kaiser, who managed to lie and charm his way into becoming a famous soccer player, despite never actually playing.

We all know tequila makes people want to pick fights at dive bars, but did you also know that it is good for your body?

In this week's edition of childhood heroes who've let us down, we process our feelings on TLC pulling an "All Lives Matter."

We commend this New Jersey teen for showing up to prom in a coffin:

And we ride out on Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing:"

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