Aretha Franklin Hates You, Your Sister, and Your Friend

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Join us for a shade-trospective of all the ruthless things Aretha Franklin has said about her contemporaries, a look at the Shea Moisture controversy, a remembrance of a dearly departed giant bunny, and a new ballsy beauty trend that will haunt your dreams.


Aretha has turned being shady into an art form. Last week, she sent a fax calling out Dionne Warwick to the Associated Press, the latest episode in a long history of dissing peers for no apparent reason.


Is Shea Moisture turning its back on black women to get white women's money?

You can be famous for anything these days... like using your boyfriend's balls as a beauty blender.

United Airlines continues being the worst by killing a giant bunny. R.I.P. Simon!

Caitlyn Jenner wants us to know she doesn't regret voting for Trump, and that she's interested in running for office. We want Caitlyn to please stop talking.

Our favorite politician of the week: a mayor in France who's considering quitting because he hates his Nazi-sympathizing constituents.

And we ride out on TLC's comeback single, "Way Back:"

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