S-Town: A Show about Murder, Nipple Rings... and Double Standards in Podcasting?

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Original artwork: Valero Doval. Remix: Emmanuel Hapsis

No one is talking about a specific facet of S-Town... until now. Also, a peek into the world of professional whistling, gay thievery, and a spoken-word piece by Sharon Stone.

Women in podcasting are policed for the way they speak. S-Town's Brian Reed? Not so much. Read all about it.

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Inspired by professional whistler Molly Lewis, we partake in a whistling competition (spoiler: only one of us can actually whistle).


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We discuss how conservative radio host Bryan Fischer is pissed that gays stole the rainbow from God.

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We join Sharon Stone in honoring Queen-of-Not-Giving-a-F--k Maxine Waters.

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And we ride out on Feist's comeback single, "Pleasure."

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