Police Brutality Is Officially Over, Thanks to Kendall Jenner's Messy Pepsi Commercial

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This article is more than 5 years old.
 (Photo: Still from YouTube)

In recent months, people have been taking to the streets (and the airports, and the town halls) to voice their concerns about what's happening in this country. The solidarity and recommitment to political action have been beautiful to witness. It was only a matter of time before some corporation tried to monetize it all.

In Pepsi's new commercial, clunkily titled "Live For Now Moments Anthem," a crowd as diverse as a United Colors of Benetton ad marches for some generic form of peace. A hot Asian cellist chugs some Pepsi before joining the march (#priorities). He walks by Kendall Jenner and convinces her to scrap her photoshoot and get woke with a single sexy look.

Protected by her white privilege, Kendall walks right up to the line of police and offers an olive branch in the form of a can of Pepsi. One of the cops decides to drink it instead of assaulting someone. Everyone cheers! The arc of history is long but bends toward soda! World peace finally gets its right swipe! White people finally agree that black lives do matter! Trans people can pee wherever they want! Women finally snag the full dollar! All forms of bigotry and fascism: cancelled! Thanks, Pepsi!

To make matters even more worthy of all the eye rolls, the image of Kendall handing over the revolutionary can of cola is more than a little reminiscent of this image of Ieshia Evans:


Needless to say, Twitter has some feelings (and jokes) about all of this:

I don't know about you, but I'm not going to hold my breath for that apology.

UPDATE (April, 5, 2017): Pepsi defended their tone-deaf ad yesterday through the following statement:

"The creative showcases a moment of unity, and a point where multiple storylines converge in the final advert. It depicts various groups of people embracing a spontaneous moment, and showcasing Pepsi’s brand rallying cry to 'Live For Now,' in an exploration of what that truly means to live life unbounded, unfiltered and uninhibited."

Today, they've apologized and decided to pull the ad:

"Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position."