Missy Elliott and Taylor Swift / ZAYN Drop New Music Videos as a Reward for Surviving This Week

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Photo: Emmanuel Hapsis

It's been a hard week, to say the least. But we made it to Friday! And what better way to celebrate than watching music videos while your boss isn't looking?

On Thursday night, Missy Elliott sensed that we need her more than ever and dropped a brand new single and a music video in one fell swoop. Exercise ball choreography: check! Light-up helmets: check! Diamond-encrusted tracksuit: check! Lyrics that reference Scandal, Kanye, Bruce Lee, and Andre 3000: check, check, check, check! It's a good feeling when an artist knows exactly what you need, and delivers.

If you're craving even more Missy, you're in luck; a documentary about her career is coming soon:


Pop princess-in-exile Taylor Swift also dropped a music video last night for her Fifty Shades Darker collaboration with ZAYN, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever." A few parts are reminiscent of that time James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars together; ZAYN refuses to emote and manages to seem bored when destroying a hotel room, while Taylor overcompensates to make up the difference. But the video is pretty to look at, and I'm happy it exists.

And because I love y'all, here's a music video by Pillar Point that's from a year ago, but never gets old. Life goal: vogue and duck walk through the streets and markets of Bogotá like you DGAF:

Happy Friday!

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