The Best Twitter Reactions to Donald Trump's Inauguration

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So, that happened. I would say more, but those in power might yank funding for public broadcasting and slash the National Endowment of the Arts and the National Endowment For The Humanities. Wait, what's that, you say? That's already planned? Well, in that case...

I didn't want to watch this inauguration, the culmination of a campaign that otherized women, people of color, the LGBT community, immigrants, Muslims, and virtually everyone else who isn't a well-off straight white male. And I didn't watch because mental health is important. But I did process this historical moment through my favorite comedic lens: Twitter.

Here are the best reactions to the inauguration:

The obvious MVP of the ceremony was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama:


Boss Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows how Michelle is feeling:

One of Trump's sons nicely sums things up:

Donald seems to have first-day-of-school malaise. Sad!

Trump has said, “No matter where we go, we have these massive crowds." Cool! Let's get a load of the massive inauguration crowd!


But I'm sure Trump and co. will be overjoyed at this silver lining:

And by the fact that D.C. will soon be full again:

Illustrating when-they-go-low-we-go-high realness, Hillary Clinton, a.k.a. the winner of the popular vote, put on a brave face and attended the inauguration of a man who led "Lock her up!" chants for months.

She wore white in honor of suffragettes (I'm not crying; something got in my eye):

Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway wore this:

Who wore it best? Kellyanne or YOladi from South African rap group Die Antwoord?

Nice hat, Kellyanne, but you'll never be Aretha:

And an honorable mention for Bush Jr.'s creative use of a rain poncho:

When the time came for a speech, Donald thought he could plagiarize a Batman villain and no one would notice. Think again:

Meanwhile, on the interwebs, the peaceful transfer of Twitter handles was taking place. But people quickly noticed something oddly familiar about Trump's cover photo:

No worries, though; Samantha Bee selflessly fixed the error:

Donald has yet to tweet. Take that in, while you can.

Twitter handles weren't the only cyber pages being edited:

Fun fact: Trump is old.

God would like to be excluded from this narrative:

A warm air kiss between Trump and Melania:

RBG is 83, so this quote can't be from her, but let's pretend:

How are Twitter users handling all of this?

Some are plotting fancy exit strategies:

Some are using Toy Story analogies:

Some are distracting themselves with fun games:

Some are leaving instructions:

Some are offering advice for getting through the next four years:

And everyone else is making jokes:

But not everyone is torn up over today's events:

And Britney Spears stays blissfully unaware:

I'll leave you with this uplifting thought:

And this reminder that love trumps hate:

And this parting look at the 44th President:

And Obama's classy parting words:

And these heart-warming images of what we had: