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Fuller House: Every Single WTF Moment from Season 2

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Photo: Netflix

Last year, I chronicled every single time I wanted to look at someone and shout WTF!, while watching the premiere season of Fuller House. Some faves include the line "What if Uber sees my boobers?!" and Stephanie Tanner ending up naked in a vat of tomato soup with a baby and a second grader:

The second season bravely grabbed the WTF torch and ran with it. Here are all the latest what-in-the-world-is-going-on, how-did-we-get-here moments:

Danny Tanner experiences a mid-life crisis that manifests in speaking in Ebonics and refusing to shower.


This isn't the only instance of Fuller House dealing with black culture in a cringe-y way:

Once you think the show can't get any whiter, this happens:

Kimmie's "Latin lover" fiance/ex-husband is still a full-blown caricature of a human being, whose over-the-top accent is only rivaled by Hank Azaria in The Birdcage. Here, we see him begging for sex via a PBS joke:

This is what he does to convince Kimmie to stop being mad and have sex with him. Spoiler: it works.

Stephanie's middle school band Girl Talk breaks up for a second time, when a fight over vaping breaks out during a rendition of Ace of Base's "The Sign."

Danny Tanner goes nude hover-boarding in search of an outfit after "sketchy thug types" steal his "threads," while he was skinny dipping in the Bay.

D.J. plys her 8-year-old with uppers so he can pull an all-nighter to win first prize at the science fair.

Uncle Jesse and Becky adopt a baby because they're bored:


Uncle Joey eats a bad donut and diarrheas in the backyard.

A corn cob almost murders the family dog.

D.J. misses a house visit from four members of New Kids on the Block (and a framed photo of Donny Wahlberg) because she cracked a crown while biting into a cupcake that had a metal key hidden inside it.


D.J. fondles Joey McIntyre, while doped up on pain killers, and repeatedly mumbles, "I like this. I really like this."

D.J. has a sex dream about Joey McIntyre in front of her children.

We're forced to believe that said members of NKOTB are in a hurry to get to a sold out gig for 20,000 fans at a stadium. Sure, Jan.

Everyone at Kimmy's high school reunion ostracizes her when they find out she has a UTI.

The term "cellfie" is invented when the cast take a selfie in a fake prison cell.

A pet chicken is sucked out of a car's sunroof and presumed dead, but makes its way back to the house alive.

Less WTF and more OMG YAS: Every time the writers troll ultra-conservative Republican Candace Cameron:

Also more OMG YAS than WTF: this child's Oscar-worthy comedic performance:

The writers continue to refuse to accept that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen want nothing to do with this revival:


Dear set designer, why would an 8-year-old need not one, not two, but three electric guitars?


Too soon:


Yes, that is a windmill created out of Barbies.

Stephanie spends an entire episode flipping through a picture book about Ariana Grande:


She eventually crafts a tiny version of the Ariana picture book for a hand puppet:


I don't even remember why these kids are dressed like this, but the explanation probably wouldn't make sense anyway:


In summary:

Worried that we will only get two WTF seasons of Fuller House? Well, fear not. The third is set to premiere on September 22, 2017, which also happens to be the 30th anniversary of the original show:

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