R.I.P. Brangelina: Why Do We Care So Much about Celebrity Breakups?

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Photo: Emmanuel Hapsis

Also, why was Evelyn Waugh such a jerk? And how petty can the office get? All will be revealed.

We try to figure out why so many of us obsess over famous couples:

We share the celebrity breakups that have hurt us the most:


And the celebrity breakups that would hurt us the most:


I dig up a rude letter written by Evelyn Waugh, which should have resulted in a breakup:

raw (8)

Jamedra shares some petty office notes:


We talk about how Brody was destined to be a bro because it's the first part of his name:

brody jenner bro

We celebrate the return of Tweet:

tweet oh my

And we cap things off with "Cranes in the Sky", a song from Solange's new album, A Seat at The Table:

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