Arrested Development: A Gif Timeline from Cancellation to Rebirth

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Did you notice complete strangers smiling really hard at you yesterday? It might just be because Netflix announced the date when cult classic Arrested Development will return to our lives. In preparation for this holy day (May 26, 2013), you should watch all three seasons while doing a weird chicken dance, but you're probably at work so here's the next best thing: an animated gif timeline to adequately express all the emotions that got us to this point!

First things first. If you are here to deride AD in any way or claim that some other show is actually funnier or smarter or whatever. I have four words for you:

Okay, now that those losers are gone, we can get down to business.

The hasty cancellation of this dearly beloved show left us feeling lost and questioning everything. Maybe you cut off all your hair or went on a hunger strike. Or maybe you just walked around like this for a while:

Or tried to wash away your tears:

Or tried to get a petition going:

Before giving up entirely:

Eventually, your depression turned to RAGE:


You soon thereafter realized that rage is best served on the rocks. Your newfound alcoholism scared children everywhere:

You eventually kicked the habit, but sobriety wasn't the easiest transition:

But it wasn't too long before you found happiness again in some of your old hobbies:

And, despite it once seeming impossible, you managed to move on and be happy!

And then, years later, a miracle! Netflix decided to bless the entire internet by picking up another season out of the blue!

So now we wait for our high holiday. When May 26 finally does come to pass, do not feel bad about staying in and rejecting all visitors or invitations (unless they involve delivery pizza):

And, when your friends ask why you don't just space the episodes out or your boss asks why you didn't show up for work on Tuesday, just say:

Only 50 days to go!!!