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Lifetime Rudely Plans TV Movie Based on the Life of Britney Spears

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Lifetime, the destroyer of all the cultural iconography we hold dear, is at it again. In 2014, they decided to make a TV movie about Aaliyah's life and death that no one, most of all her family, wanted. In 2015, they did the same for Whitney Houston; again, the world was like DO. NOT. WANT. And now they're going for Britney Jean Spears. My feelings, and those of many other Brit fans, can best be expressed through this animated gif:

leave britney alone gif

So who did they pick to play Brit? Some person named Natasha Bassett:


Other than also being a human woman, I'm not really seeing a resemblance. Plus, she's Australian! Was Derrick Barry not available?


But really, they could have picked anyone and I would probably have a problem because this TV movie is unnecessary. Yes, we know Britney shaved her head that one time, married that sloppy backup dancer, and really wanted to see Spun that one time. We've obsessed and critiqued every detail of her life since she was a teenager. Isn't it time we just let her be?

After many years of public struggle, Britney finally seems like herself again. Glory, her amazing new album (haven't been able to say that for a while), and her endlessly entertaining Instagram are both full of the personality we got to know back in 1999, the one that disappeared after she was placed on a conservatorship (and medication?) following her 2007 breakdown. Why can't we let Britney enjoy this moment, before subjecting her to the same kind of intense scrutiny that led to her problems in the first place? Oops, I forgot we live in a world that doesn't even allow celebrities to rest after death (see: Selena's hologram, Whitney's hologram, Tupac's hologram, Left Eye's hologram, etc.).

For those of you who care, Lifetime plans to start filming their rude little movie in September and hope for a 2017 release date.

britney spears whatever gif

Yeah. What she said.

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