President Obama Drops Playlists for All Your Daytime and Nighttime (a.k.a. Sexytime) Needs

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Photo: Emmanuel Hapsis

After eight years of stress and BS, President Obama has earned every right to revel in some deep senioritis right about now. I wouldn't blame him for kicking back and face swapping with Biden on Snapchat all day. But Obama, ever the overachiever, decided to drop not one, but two playlists of his favorite songs instead. They are split between songs he listens to during the day (while stuck at his desk scrolling endlessly through Tumblr) and the ones he listens to at night (while... well, you know).

obama playlist

obama nighttime playlist

Enjoy these Oval Office approved jams while you can, 'cause I don't have much confidence that Hillary or Donald will have better musical taste than this:


obama headphones gif