Check Out the Brand New Emoji, from Pride Flags to Women Who Do More Than Salsa Dance and Get Married

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Last year, Emoji developers realized it might be a good idea to include people of color and gay people into the mix. Since then, we've also received less necessary, but still needed symbols of avocados, selfie arms, Harambe and gyros. But there's still room for improvement and Apple is addressing that in their new iOS 10 release, coming this fall.

The biggest change? The introduction of women who can do more than salsa dance, get married or get their hair did!


apple_emoji_basketball apple_emoji_body_builder apple_emoji_mountain_biker apple_emoji_sleuth apple_emoji_surfer apple_emoji_swimmer apple_emoji_worker apple_emoji_runner



Look at them surf, dribble, swim, run and row right past all the sexist bullshit in this world!


Another wrong made right: the inclusion of a Pride flag. Huzzah for visibility! Also, do you know how long it takes to cobble together colored hearts in the correct ROYGBIV order? Not that long, but still! We needed this!


Girls aren't the only ones who get to experiment with a Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby haircut and live to regret it immediately. Now the Emoji universe will reflect that.

Mass shootings have unfortunately become an epidemic in this country so Apple has decided to be sensitive to that by swapping out this pistol:


...for the water variety.


And, last but not least, single parent households are finally getting some shine too. Lorelai Gilmore's impact!:


Now you have even more reasons to secretly text at your desk all day (not that you needed them)!