Dolly Parton Mulls a Presidential Run

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The 2016 presidential election seems to have brought celebrities out of the woodwork and into the endorsement game like never before -- or maybe it's just that social media has made the appearance of political engagement way easier. While in days past one had to actually show up to rallies, mention a candidate's name in interviews, and so on, voicing support for the politico of your choice is now simply a retweet button away.

And yet: Some celebs are carefully, pointedly staying out of the fray. Dolly Parton, for example -- she of iconic voice, sky-high hair and ample cleavage -- was quick to clarify her stance this week when a comment she made about supporting a "woman in the White House" was apparently misinterpreted.

Per Facebook:

Now, a few things here. For one, it's kind of refreshing to know that the 70-year-old Ms. Parton, in the midst of a months-long national tour, is doing her own social media. (No intern wrote that. Come on.) More importantly, I'll admit that this post provoked some mixed feelings for me -- if there's one thing female politicians don't need in the last lap of a historic bid for the presidency, it's more mentions of boobs and PMS as women's defining characteristics. Not to mention: Dolly. You really don't know what side you're on at this point? They're pretty different sides, folks. Do some reading.


On the other hand, this is savvy, savvy, savvy, and Dolly Parton would not be where she is today -- i.e., universally beloved by man woman and child -- without this kind of commitment to folksy neutrality. This is deceptively simple yet suave deescalation, served with a self-aware wink and a side of heavy mascara. Dolly Parton is a country legend, and to out herself as either a Republican or a Democrat would be hugely isolating to a vast portion of her fanbase. She is a consummate businesswoman. She knows her brand. It ain't political endorsements.

Lastly, raise your hand if you'd legitimately vote for Dolly Parton to run the country. Think about why or why not and exactly how silly or not silly a concept it is. I'd argue: Not much sillier than these two running Minnesota and California.

And hey, bonus: She could sing the national anthem herself.

Dolly Parton plays the Shoreline Sept. 24, if you're still looking to use up those Ticketmaster freebies