Stressed About Brexit? Distract Yourself With These Witty Reaction Tweets

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Photo: Emmanuel Hapsis

In case you're living under an asteroid, Britain has voted to leave the E.U, shocking the world and themselves. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation. The pound has taken a dramatic nose-dive. Leave voters are coming forward to say they didn't realize their votes counted and are now full of regret. British Millennials are livid that their futures have largely been decided by Boomers. Basically, both sides of the issue are freaking out. Here's a live feed of Britain today:

elmo fire gif

If you're like me, the urge to read every editorial about the situation is strong. Being informed is important, but self-care is also important so take a break from the doom and gloom for a few minutes and have a laugh:


Hang in there, y'all! 2017 can't be worse, right?