The Best Twitter Reactions to Beyoncé's Visual Album "LEMONADE"

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Beyoncé just caused innumerable heart palpitations, tears and hysterics with the release of her new visual album, LEMONADE, which is basically an hour-long diss track against her no-good, cheating husband Jay Z. But don't worry; she takes him back...again. So what did Twitter have to say about it all?

Things started off with anticipation tinged with purple-tinted grief:

Immediately, we all got a loud-and-clear message about the state of Beyoncé and Jay Z's union:


Beyoncé is not playing around:

But concern for their marriage couldn't top the feeling that we were all witnessing some miraculous sh*t:

A breakup has never looked so beautiful or been more intense:

Beyoncé's resilient kiss-off tracks inspired some:

All of this airing of dirty laundry makes one wonder what the situation has been like over at chez Yoncé:

The cultural  implications of all of this could not be denied:

Then, out of nowhere, Beyoncé delivers a country song because she can:

As if the country song, the visual album's very existence and all these divorce vibes weren't surprising enough, Jay Z makes a redemptive cameo in the very project that is all about how no good he is:

They get back together because love conquers all or maybe because:

Looks like they're going to be alright, but that doesn't mean things will ever be the same:

So what did everyone think and feel when it was all over?

So, in summary:

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