The Very Best Gifs from the 2016 Oscars

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a gif must be worth at least a million (math!). With the advent of this bite-sized animated wonder, award shows have become less about who won what and more about who made what face. Here are the gifs from last night’s Oscar Awards that will be finding their way into your texts and gchats soon.

Chris Rock's monologue quickly addressed #OscarsSoWhite, but he ramped things up a notch too far by introducing FOX News contributor / Miss Let's-Abolish-the-BET-Awards Stacey Dash:

giphy (19)

Chrissy Teigan (behind Saoirse Ronan) won the Oscar for Most Appropriate Facial Reaction to Stacey Dash's Existence:



In a series of bits that integrated black actors into this year's nominated films, Tracy Morgan put his own spin on The Danish Girl:


Meanwhile, with a single wink, Mark Ruffalo put his own spin on making me wish I had a uterus so I could have his baby:

giphy (24)

The award for Cutest Duo Starring in a Selfie went to Brie Larson and 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay:

giphy (23)

Speaking of cute-as-a-button Jacob, he was pretty jazzed about C3PO, R2D2 and BB8 crashing the party:


And still on the subject of adorable kids, a group of Girl Scouts sold Samoas, Thin Mints and the less tasty cookie varieties, proving that:

  1. Celebrities Are Just Like Us!: They also can't get enough of Girl Scout cookies:


2. Celebrities Are Not Just Like Us!: They share them:

giphy (25)

Jennifer Garner let us know she's doing just fine post-Affleck-divorce by taking a selfie with Common:


Proving that racism isn't the only problem plaguing Hollywood's elite, an entire line of men refused to clap for bad ass costume designer Jenny Beavan as she walked to accept her award:


Lady Gaga made everyone blubber with a moving performance featuring survivors of rape and sexual violence:

giphy (20)

Brie Larson seemed like a nice person, when accepting her Best Actress trophy:giphy (27)

Her niceness was later confirmed without a doubt when she embraced every single rape survivor from Lady Gaga's performance:


This was Leo's night, but the bear from The Revenant kept him on his toes:leo_oscars_oso

Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress. She also won Most Envied Woman in the Land when she confirmed her relationship with Michael Fassbender with a kiss:


Spotlight, a.k.a. that movie about journalism you didn't see, won the top prize. Michael Keaton couldn't contain his excitement...or the F word:rs_480x270-160228215429-michaelkeaton7

And Leo won his long-sought-after Oscar so we can all finally stop feeling sorry for a super rich and privileged white dude not getting his due. Yay!:

giphy (22)

Any joy I might feel about Leo's win is eclipsed by the immense sadness over all the brilliant Leo-will-never-get-an-Oscar-despite-it-being-the-only-thing-he-truly-wants-in-this-world gifs becoming obsolete:

tumblr_o3anaiz1eD1ukldkho1_4006568822_orig sadleo5 58bb9c10-9ad1-0133-f20b-0e8e20b91aa1 tumblr_o11clgdyew1u3eoyoo1_500 tumblr_o2yxv7dkyc1qjj2qyo1_500

But, as the circle of life would have it, they had to die to make room for the next era of Leo memes:


And that's all he wrote. See y'all next year!