Watch Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' Flash Mob Take Over San Francisco

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Every New Year's, we all rush to make resolutions to try new things and be better. We give it a shot for a few days and then retreat back to our old comfortable habits. But not this year! I decided it was time to force myself to follow through and walk the walk, or in this case, booty pop the booty pop.

It all started when I came across Justin Bieber's music video for "Sorry," which features ReQuest Dance Crew, a hypnotizing all-female dance troupe from New Zealand, doing the impossible: getting me to listen to an entire Bieber song from beginning to end. Not since Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" or Beyonce's "Single Ladies" did I want to learn a dance routine so badly. Luckily for me, a Bay Area dance class series called Pop Star Booty Camp, which teaches lay people choreography out of music videos, was offering a "Sorry" course starting the first week of January!

Over six weeks, I learned how to "tick:"



How to crawl on all fours while popping my spine up and down without looking like I need medical assistance:

sorry dance crawl gif

How to remember all the choreography, but somehow forget to do something less mean-muggy with my face:


How to get comfortable side punching a stranger's butt:

justin bieber sorry gif

How to synchronize booty winding with a bestie:


How to grin and bear the thigh muscle soreness to hit this squat pose:


How to wobble walk:


How to spazz out like you just don't care:


And how to accept that, no matter how hard I try, I will never ever be able to twerk:


All of this learning culminated in two separate flash mobs in San Francisco: one in front of the Bay Bridge and another in front of the Ferry Building. Wish you'd been there? Well, we got your back.

Watch Bieber fever take over San Francisco:

So the moral of the story is: if there's a cool thing you're putting off doing because you're too scared or too lazy or whatever other lame excuse you cook up, cut it out and get out there! You won't be sorry.


Special thanks to my fellow Pop Star Booty Camp dancers for striking a pose for some of the above gifs, photographed by Manjula Varghese.