Only Wanna Date Bernie Sanders Supporters? There's a Site For That

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Hey there, good lookin'. Are you single, ready to mingle, and tired of interacting with people who don't share your exact views on federal education and health care policy? Have we got news for you!

Yes, it's, a new dating website for Bernie Sanders supporters, by Bernie Sanders supporters. Or, as its tag line puts it, a place to "Meet other people who understand the world!"

The site, which currently boasts some 5,600 members and counting, was founded by 19-year-old Arizona State University student Colten Caudle -- who, the Huffington Post notes, met his girlfriend through a Bernie Sanders Facebook group earlier this month. (The two have yet to meet IRL.)

"Bernie Singles first started as a spinoff to the wildly popular Facebook group Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash, as the group Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme (BSDM) Singles," explains the site's "About" page, thoroughly ensuring that no one over the age of 40 will understand a damn thing these people are saying. "As the group began to grow, people would suggest even more ways to group, by personal preference, or sexual orientation, etc. This is where Bernie Singles was born."

So! Who's on it? From a brief glance, the user base appears to be a lot of college students and other singles in their twenties, including many people who seem to enjoy calling Sanders their dad. Like Alyssa, a 24-year-old from Massachusetts, whose profile includes the following:


Recently at a bar I yelled at a Rubio supporter who was talking about Bernie not being a patriot and the usual jargon and said ”don’t talk about daddy and the fam like that!” So basically lets do that together.

Then, of course, there are the jokers -- like user Donald Trump, who appears to be flirting with a user named after his daughter, Ivanka, in a nod to one of Trump's creepiest tendencies.

Meanwhile, the site's "groups" feature allows users to connect with other Berners in their geographic region, or to join micro-communities like "Christians for Bernie," "Musicians for Bernie," "Horse Lovers 4 Bernie," and the ever-popular "Girls Who Are Down For Threesomes."

On balance, the site seems to be shaping up as half-chatroom, half-safe space for people to "talk Bernie" at each other -- which is apparently necessary, given recent stories about Bernie supporters using non-Bernie specific dating sites to do just that. True political discussion appears to be in short supply, having taken a backseat to the idea that if two individuals are both feeling the Bern, they probably have a good shot at being friends, compatible sexual partners, or at the very least comrades in dank memedom.

One could see the site as just the latest evidence that Sanders' cult of personality has snowballed into an underdog-themed cultural phenomenon more in line with the way people root for, say, the bobsled team from Cool Runnings than anything having to do with actual policies or platforms.

Or, you know, we could call it "the Internet." Lord knows Jeb Bush needed a new hobby this week anyway.