Here's the Golden State Warriors' Harrison Barnes Playing 6th Grade-Level Saxophone

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Stars: They're just like us!

Er, kind of. While the alto saxophone I started playing in 4th grade and had given up on by 7th is gathering dust in the back of my childhood bedroom closet, the Warriors' wunderkind from Ames, Iowa still has his sax with him -- and he's happy to perform. Now that I'm thinking about having seen Barnes at Madrone Art Bar during a funk/soul band's performance a few years ago (it's hard to miss someone standing a full head and a half above the crowd), this makes even more sense.

The basketball player can be seen here playing a tune as part of the NBA's "Hidden Talent" series. This is apparently a series in which current basketball players perform said talents, then former basketball players casually mock them for the duration of a commercial break. Give it a watch below.