Newly Surfaced 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Deleted Scenes Will Rip Your Heart Out

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We tend to look back on Mrs. Doubtfire as a fun elderly drag romp. Remember the time Mrs. Doubtfire screamed "Helloooo!" with cream all over her face? Ha ha ha. Or that time she threw a citrus fruit at the back of Pierce Brosnan's skull? Ha ha. Or that time her prosthetic breasts caught fire? Ha.

But the laughs dry up when the undercurrent that moves the movie along -- divorce and its pernicious effects on young children -- rears its ugly head. The movie did a great job of striking a balance between the sadness of that topic and high jinks. But things would have tipped heavily into This is too depressing to ever watch again territory, if these newly surfaced deleted scenes had been included in the final cut. All three have zero jokes and 100% sadness. And the added weight of Robin Williams' death doesn't help matters.

Trigger warning: If you're a child of divorce, make sure you don't mind the people around you seeing you cry.