'Secret' Show Alert: Third Eye Blind, Also Tired of Third Eye Blind, Plays SF Tonight as The Dazzleships

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Third Eye Blind, the San Francisco pop-rock band who in 1997 became famous for the song "Semi-Charmed Life" (otherwise known as the song with the chorus that goes doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo) as well as a couple other '90s alt-rock tracks whose lyrics you might know whether you want to or not, is doing just fine. I know that singer Stephan Jenkins has a lovely house in Pac Heights and many friends, despite having made enemies with at least a few locals in the music industry. Prior to the release of the band's fifth studio album, 2015's Dopamine, they'd sold roughly 12 million records worldwide. And at 51, Jenkins is still considered a sex symbol...at least by VICE writers.

But sometimes, after five records and 20 years of fame, even bands like Third Eye Blind want -- well, something else?

That's likely why they've spent the past week crafting an internet presence for a fake British band called The Dazzleships, which is actually just Third Eye Blind, possibly playing David Bowie covers, which according to tipsters is a thing that will be happening at The Chapel tonight, Friday, Feb. 5, at 9 pm.

A zip around the band's five-day-old Twitter account reveals that it's mainly followed by members of Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind's management team, and people with Twitter handles like "@Gina3eb."


Jenkins & Co. even took the time to create multiple fake Twitter accounts for various members of the band, such as Vic Bigley, a drunk Brixtoner who types in all caps to say hiiiii-larious things like this.

The band name, meanwhile, seems to be a reference to an album by British New Wave / synth maestros OMD -- a record that marked a new, experimental and ultimately unprofitable sound for that band, whose previous release had been a major commercial success. What is Third Eye Blind trying to tell us?

While we ruminate on that, check out these other subtle, cheeky missives -- typed in cockney, of course!

So. Are you free tonight? Is this a thing you want to see? You should probably go buy tickets. They're only $18, which is a lot less than $700, which is the GA ticket price to see Third Eye Blind tomorrow night, Feb. 6, at the 25th Annual Taste of the NFL at the Cow Palace. (Yes, I know it's a fundraiser.)

Bonus for tonight: Dancey folk-rock trio from San Francisco's Rin Tin Tiger and indie-pop from Oakland's Emily Afton will both serve as fine support. No, really. Those are both very good local artists and I have no reason nor desire to make fun of them whatsoever.

Ooh, also: If we're lucky unlucky I don't even know anymore, maybe they'll do this one too.

[Full disclosure: This writer paid good money to see Third Eye Blind with Eve 6 in October of 1998 and has zero regrets.]