The People vs. Janet Jackson

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We revisit Nipplegate and a 1998 profile of bratty prince Leonardo DiCaprio, followed by a game of Who Said It? Stacey Dash or Ann Coulter.

Since the Super Bowl is right around the corner, we reexamine the furor around Janet Jackson's exposed breast and discuss how that moment in pop culture history projects a lot of uncomfortable truths about America:

Nipplegate Revisited: Why America Owes Janet Jackson a Huge Apology

We also dig through old copies of New York Magazine to unearth a very telling 1998 profile of a very bratty Leonardo DiCaprio:


Leo, Prince of the City

Written by Nancy Jo Sales, the recipient of this insane voicemail:

We play a game of Who Said It? (Stacey Dash or Ann Coulter Edition):

dionne clueless gifann coulter gif

And we cap things off with a former One Directioner Zayn Malik's first zingle:

Until next week!

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