Jake Gyllenhaal and Other Famous Dudes Reenact a Scene from 'Clueless'

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There is no limit to my love of Clueless. I quote it incessantly. I watch it an average of four times a year. I think about Brittany Murphy way more than you. Etc. So I was stoked to see my beloved movie trending because W Magazine made Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogan and Bradley Cooper reenact Cher's "It was his 50th birthday!" speech.

Spoiler: they all suck at it. It's clearly been a while since they've seen it because they fail to mispronounce Haitians, which counts for 80% of their grade. But no one fails harder than Jake, who sounds like he's reading from an accounting manual. First, he breaks Taylor Swift's heart into tiny little pieces and now this? One more strike left, bro.

Watch and gain even more appreciation for Alicia Silverstone's acting prowess: