The Next Big Netflix Hit Is Just a Video of an Electric Fan

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America! Are you feeling a little stressed out as of late? The post-holidays back-to-work grind got you feeling a little jumbled in the head? Or is it wintertime, with its S.A.D.-inducing dearth of natural night, that's got you anxious and low -- in need of some kind of bright, consistent, soothing sights and sounds?

A clear explanation continues to escape us, but the numbers don't lie. According to, a site that tracks Netflix and Amazon video views, a whole lot of us are going bonkers over what sounds, on paper, like the most boring video of all time: an hour of footage of an electric house fan turning serenely back and forth, perched on a table next to a window with sunlight streaming in. The title? Oscillating Fan For Your Home. 

It's been available since Dec. 23, a few days before which Netflix issued this highly self-aware trailer.

At the time of this writing (10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14), Fan is supposedly the No. 4 most popular video streaming on Netflix, with Parks and Recreation coming in at No. 6 and Training Day at No. 12.


So, uh, what gives? Did everyone go see The Revenant at the same time and need to come home and put on some sunshiney, ambient background audiovisuals to help bleach their brains of that bear mauling scene? As for the video itself, you'll have to see it yourself to understand. Then we can talk about questions like: Whose sunglasses are those? Why did someone leave an electric fan on in an empty room for an hour? And who's paying their electricity bill?

If you're a fan (sorry), please go ahead and let us know.