Listen: Geographer Covers David Bowie's 'Heroes'

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This article is more than 7 years old.
Mike Deni of Geographer (Victoria Smith)

Are you tired of reading about, listening to, and having feelings around David Bowie yet? No? Me neither.

Apparently neither is Mike Deni, aka the brains and vocal chords behind San Francisco indie-rock darlings Geographer. In a simple, touching video posted on YouTube yesterday, Deni offered his own solo interpretation of Bowie's "Heroes."

"I had this recording of one of the best songs ever made, David Bowie's 'Heroes,'" he wrote on the band's Facebook page, in a post accompanying the video. "His vocal performance on that song is one of the best of his career, and one of the most powerful vocals on a pop song I've ever heard. He was an amazing man. And an incredible artist. The confidence it must have taken to do the things he did, and the generosity with which he used himself as a canvas on which he painted. He changed music forever many times, and he was a brave and intrepid explorer through art and life. David Bowie. One of the truly amazing people that's every lived.

"So this is my plaintive take on his gorgeous and impressionistic lyrics. People often overlook his lyrics as just strange, but they're so evocative and heartbreakingly beautiful. The optimism and openness of them. This is just my ping out into the universe that has reclaimed its most beloved space alien."

Check out Geographer's most recent record, the five-song Endless Motion Vol. 1 EP, right here.