Let This 'Fuller House' Teaser Mess with All Your Emotions

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Back in April, news of a Full House revival materialized and '90s kids rejoiced or pretended to be too cool to care. And now we get our first peek at what Netflix has cooked up. Let's experience this together through a live blog, shall we?

0:03 - The Netflix logo reminds us all to stop neglecting whatever series we're currently marathoning. For me, it's The Great British Bake-Off, which you should really be watching, if you enjoy polite Brits being really tender with each other and getting emotional about custard. But I digress...

0:04 - The Golden Gate Bridge! It feels like only yesterday that baby Mary Kate (or maybe it was Ashley) was chilling hard in the back of a convertible cruising across the Bay with John Stamos and co.

0:08 - Cable car means that I'm now really craving some Rice-A-Roni. Good work, Rice-A-Roni marketing wizards!


0:12 - A beautiful view of San Francisco featuring the Painted Ladies! Okay, can we talk? This is not where the Full House gang lived so stop saying that. They had a picnic here. That's it! (I care too much.)

0:17 - Sad music reminiscent of The WB challenges the notion that you can't go home again and the real Full House house appears. Maybe you cry or maybe something's just in your eye. No judgment.

0:23 - Their kitchen has been remodeled because some interior decorator never heard the aphorism: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

0:24 - The word "eat" is painted on the wall, which is a good enough excuse for me to include my favorite Michelle Tanner eats stuff gifs:

michelle brownies gif

michelle spaghetti

michelle tanner gif

0:25 - There is some kids' artwork hanging. These kids won't be Michelle or Stephanie so I plan to ignore them completely.

0:27 - February 26th is the premiere date a.k.a. when our lives change very slightly. Bring it.

0:33 - The living room has also been redecorated. A pillow reads "home." This interior decorator is so literal.

0:37 - "Life is full again." I mean, it would be fuller if the Olsen twins were involved in this, but okay sure.

0:38 - OMG, a baby Golden Retriever!!! Comet's offspring! Actually, I can't handle the idea of Comet being dead. Let's just pretend Michelle became a scientist and figured out how to reverse-age canines. So let's try that again: OMG, a baby Golden Retriever and still very vital Comet!!!

0:42 - "Gosh, it feels so good to be back!" D.J. says from outside. If she's not living here yet, who redecorated? Stephanie's way cooler than this Martha Stewart Home nonsense. And Kimmie would never. Aunt Becky? Yeah, she would. Glad we settled that.

0:44 - "I'll grab little Tommy," Stephanie says from behind the door. In 20 years, little Tommy will decline to participate in Fullest House.

0:46 - "Max, the hair, huh?" Uncle Jesse is still not into people touching his hair, which is totally his prerogative. We can't see him, but he's definitely still really hot.

0:48 - "Max, cut. It. Out!" Uncle Joey is back too! And this Max person sounds like a real problem.

0:53 - "Jackson, can you watch your brother?" Wow, D.J. was really busy.

0:58 - "D.J., you don't need movers. You got us." The series' sugary-sweetness is still intact.

1:00 - The door finally opens and fade to black.

Hmm. Well, that wasn't really much to go on, but two things are clear: I will definitely be watching in February and I'm really jazzed that Comet is still alive and will never ever die.